ManyMaps is an extension for IntraMaps Enterprise or IntraMaps Public extending the reporting capabilities to allow the user to create a detailed report in a single click.

Based on the current selected feature in IntraMaps, ManyMaps can with one click, generate a predefined PDF document containing maps, data and related information. ManyMaps is the ideal solution for LIM production, planning reports, utilities reports and many other reporting needs.

Product Literature

Key benefits

  • Save time and reduce costs in generating reports manually
  • Create consistency in reports generated
  • Increase accessibility to information
  • No end user training required
  • Highlight related features such as land parcels shared by a common property

Typical applications for ManyMaps

  • LIM reports or LIM Maps
  • Utility inspection reports
  • Planners reports
  • Property Maps
  • Liquor licensing reports
  • Selecting surrounding properties for consents

Key functionality

  • Create a many-page report with a single click
  • Any combination of maps and data, just maps, or just data can be defined
  • ManyMaps leverages IntraMaps functionality
  • Smart auto-scaling of maps
  • Incorporate data from many sources
  • Configure buffers and other temporary spatial features
  • Administrator configures ManyMaps template(s)
  • Launch ManyMaps directly from a URL or from IntraMaps
  • Import pages from multiple PDF documents, for example;
    - Complex Legend Pages
    - Subdivision Specifications
    - Planning Rules
    - In-depth Disclaimers