Roam v2.4 Now out!

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The new release of Roam (2.4) is now out: 


Major Features:

#207 Project update and install support

#201 GPS line and polygon tracing

#265 Move node support in edit geometry

#212 Added scale selection widget to bottom right of screen

Minor Features:

#241 Improved all scroll bars to be larger and touch friendly

#221 May now limit the number of decimal places in number widget

• Wrap option for options row - wraps row buttons at a fixed number.

Bug Fixes:

#233 Fixed crash related to multi-threaded rendering by limiting the number of rendering processes (particularly noticeable on network or slower database connections).

#240 Fixed list scrolling with touch devices jumping back to top

Config Manager:

#246 Refactor config manager widget logic (more stable than before)

• Add new tree item for defining Info1 and Info2 for selection layers